In  the  Silence  of  My  Heart
Kathleen  McCarthy            Spiritual  Prophecy for our time.

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        A few years ago at prayer during Adoration I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to deliver a message ...  a message with an urgency to "Ready My people" ... to speak about our Baptismal call and the new life of the Spirit of God within each baptized Christian.  This is a time of a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church ... a time of mercy and grace.

        In September of 2009, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, directed me to record the prophetic utterances that He was speaking in and through me at the Corpus Christi Prayer Group in Upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania each Thursday evening ... and so it began.  Some began to share these words with others and many other lives were impacted and much fruit of the Spirit was being manifested.  As time when on, Our Lord directed me to compile the prophecies into a book and audio CDs so that His words could be distributed to all.  In accordance with Our Lord's wishes, we have developed this website so that the prophecies would be available to all.


        Kathleen McCarthy is a published author, Catholic radio broadcaster and has been a Catholic lay evangelist for almost 40 years.  Her message of the Father's merciful love, the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, and the power of the Holy Spirit are central to the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

        Kathleen has traveled across the country and internationally as a sought after conference speaker and facilitates workshops, days of renewal and parish retreats.  Kathleen has been involved in healing ministry for over four decades.  She has the gift of story telling that readily touches the hearts of all individuals.  Her willingness to share her faith and wisdom has established her as a dynamic instrument for proclaiming God's word to both believers and inactive Catholics of all ages.

        Kathleen has experienced the death of a husband, loss of a house through fire, personal and family illness and loss.  Through it all, her uncompromising love of God and faith in His love for her has been her source of strength in weakness and her light in darkness.  She is a gifted speaker who shares with enthusiasm and motivates many hearts to experience the living God.


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